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Since the beginning of the war, we have received various offers of assistance, including financial. Finally, we managed to realize the opportunity to make donations on our website and with the help of a team of 5 volunteers to start work on the development of a new website of KMBF "Foodbank". While the development and filling is in progress, we continue to report our news here. The first funds have already been received through the site. Thank you !!!

Together with our long-term supplier PepsiCo Ukraine, we continue to deliver dairy products to Kyiv residents and people of the region's cities accessible for transportation. Thanks to our volunteers who manage to organize the distribution of food products with short shelf life and cold storage conditions - between bombings!

We have received 6 food trucks from friends from Estonia and Romania! And we are waiting for food from friends of Ukraine in Spain! Thanks to all-all-all our friends for supporting the Ukrainian people! Your help is invaluable at this time! Some products have already been sent to Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, and Kyiv. We keep working on the organization of further logistics.

We truly thank our donators all around the world!
We have bought in Vinnytsia and gave to families in need vegetable oil, cereals, baby food, sugar, milk, hygenic goods for babies. Also purchased and transferred to the bomb shelters of Kyiv and nearby cities sweets and instant food!

Chicken from MHP were shared for families with children with special needs, families with the elderly in Kyiv. Thanks to MHP for a valuable protein product!

Water from IDS Borjomi was handed over to the Military Hospital of Poltava, Hospital of the Northern Region of Kharkiv, as well as to the civilian people, territorial defense, medical staff and the wounded in the mobile hospital of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Central Region.

We received and handed over to our courageous defenders charitable help from Germany - warm blankets, sleeping bags, personal hygiene goods and some sweets. Our youth in Freiburg is volunteering to help their native country!

In Kyiv, we received several humanitarian trucks from Germany and Poland and, in conjunction with other volunteer organizations, transferred them to bomb shelters, along with instant food and fresh apples for more than 150 families living in the bomb shelters for more than two weeks. Some of the food products were transferred to the maternity hospital for mothers with babies and madical staff.


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