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Most food producers in dangerous regions of Ukraine are closing down production. Stocks of products in warehouses are gradually depleted. In those conditions, the importance of food aid from other regions and abroad is growing significantly. We are working on logistics! Thank you to all our friends in the world and in your native Ukraine! Let's do it together!

We are truly thanking the Estonian Food Bank for its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, for its humanity, sensitivity and persistent efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine! Thanks to Toidupank, more than ten tons of food were delivered to Kharkiv, which the enemy army continues to mercilessly bomb. Special thanks to everyone who was involved in logistics! Those who provided transportation on the dangerous roads of Ukraine, who carried out unloading with a constant threat of shelling and bombing!

The first truck from Portugal with a wide range of food arrived in Ternopil! Thank you sincerely to the Portuguese !!! We organize logistics to Kharkiv. It is extremely important that everything works out !!! The second truck from Portuguese friends has just arrived in Ukraine at a warehouse in Lviv.
With the help of our partners, the "Volunteer Center" NGO and the "Maternal Love Foundation" NGO also handed out juices and snacks from PepsiCo Ukraine to large families in Kharkiv.
Instant food, sweets, snacks and some hygenic goods were given to the fighters of the Kyiv.

With the help of the NGO "Ukrainian Community" in Vinnytsia, milk and mineral water from PepsiCo Ukraine and IDS Ukraine were donated to refugees from the northern and eastern regions (Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mykolaiv), who are now hiding at bomb shelters. For families with children with special needs in Vinnytsia donated baby food and tea from HIPP, sweets from Mondelez and snacks from PepsiCo Ukraine.

We continue to share PepsiCo Ukraine dairy products to bomb shelters in Kyiv. We are sincerely grateful to our regular partners for the supply of food even in such situation.
Mineral water was transferred to checkpoints in Irpen, other cities of Kyiv region, military air defense of Mykolayiv region.

Various products and semi-finished products were transferred to the "Svitlo" Charitable Rehabilitation Center in Dnipro, which became a temporary shelter for more than sixty people. The center prepares hot meals daily for residents and those who come for help.


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